This house is across the road from us so whenever I pull out of our driveway I’m always blown away by how cute & perfect it looks with all the greenery & the two trees framing it so beautifully. Definitely something I love about driving out of the house every morning when I drop George at the train station 🙂

Recently, I’ve been going through what feels to me like a biggg mindset transformation…..and it’s been soo good for me! For the past couple of months, I’ve been listening to some really great podcasts while I edit photos. One of them is Being Boss by Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon and through them I discovered Marie Forleo and her amazing videos! LOVE THEM so much! I just have them playing in the background while editing away and it makes me feel so reassured & inspired rather than bored & tired.

Then today I re-discovered Chase Jarvis and was absolutely blown away by his 30 days of Genius interviews with some of the world’s best creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs (Marie is one of them, along with soo many more incredible people, including Brene Brown who is also insanely amazing).

SO while I was at the park this afternoon with Winston, listening to The Chase Jarvis Live Show podcast (the one with Seth Godin) I was inspired to start a new ‘insights’ series on TLT. Essentially it will be regular posts that include just one super recent photo + some words on life, thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals & ya know….just whatever 🙂 My goal for it is just to share without caring about it too much! “Done is better than perfect”