Ahhh! Welcome to a brand new site for The Littlest Things. First of all….there’s still so so so much more to do for the site to be properly complete (like linking an insane amount of archives to their proper categories for a start) but I’m so happy to get it up and running in the meantime. At the moment we are going off a different URL address as my original domain (www.thelittlesthings.com) is going to take 48 hours to transfer over.

Above is a little slideshow gallery of what has changed about TLT. The main change is the Home page where you will find a featured slideshow of new content including; weekend scenes, food & recipes, travel diaries, fashion & style inspiration, and also The Littlest Things features – a series that will continue to grow more and more once we move to Sydney. 

Under the slideshow there’s some static images that share extra links to some of things in the slideshow, but also will eventually link to my photography portfolio (!!). It’s currently in the process of being put together so I can.not.wait to share that with you too. It’s kind of scary but also so incredibly exciting. I feel that this change, along with the move to Sydney will bring a lot of awesomeness to The Littlest Things. 

This redesign was done 100% by myself through the amazing platform that is Squarespace. Therefore, there is an incredibly high possibility that there will be glitches that will need to be smoothed out, but bear with me as I’m hoping it will be fully up and running to it’s full potential extremely soon. Let me know if there’s something that doesn’t work on particular browsers and I would also love to hear your feedback 🙂

Happy Happy FRIDAY!