Neighbourhood Strolling

The past few weeks have been kindaaaaa aggravating. It's all stemmed from my car being at the smash repairs after having a minor car accident a couple weeks ago. It seems and sounds utterly ridiculous but it truly sucked not having my car as everything took intense organisation to get anything done. Nothing could be spontaneous and it all just made me feel claustrophobic haha!

The BEST thing is car got towed back to me today and it's fully repaired and looks as beautiful as ever. All that pesky agitation got lifted off my shoulders immediately. I just cannot tell you how happy it make me to have our 'Harris the Yaris' back in our garage haha! I'm seriously way to dependent on some of my belongings it seems haha!

Another absolutely incredibly amazing this that happened today (today was my favourite day haha) was all the camera gear I hired for this weekends wedding arrived which made me soo excited/nervous/happy/anxious! Every good good version of excitable feelings really. 

I hired a backup 5D, 50mm f1.2 lens, 35mm f1.4 lens and a flash. I'm trying to decide what prime lens I love the most to replace my broken 50mm f1.4 so I took out the f1.2 for a little stroll around the neighbourhood and I loveeeee it!!! Going on the Christmas Wishlist haha! Sososo excited to shoot some dreamy and romantic portraits with it on the weekend! Katie & jack are going to look AMAZING!!! 

Oh and also, another cool thing about today was that I started a personal Instagram account so I can share more "in the moment" kind of photos without having to worry about how they look in the grid haha! I'm keeping it public so you can follow along here if you'd like to :)  

Happiest of Thursday's to you!

Oh Flora Getaway

We arrived back from a long weekend in the South Island of New Zealand last night - it was so beautiful and I'm excited to go through the photos :) Until then, I really wanted to share some photos from the most gorgeous getaway to Mudgee at the beginning of last month! 

Tanya organised our mini break and the whole idea was to get away with a bunch of creatives who we knew would lose their minds over the beauty that is Mudgee Made Roses! We had florists, photographers, event stylists and calligraphers and it was just the best!!! 

We stayed in the gorgeous Trelawney Farm which was absolutely perfect for a big group and feels like you've walked into the pages of Country is so beautiful! And THEN to top it all off, we had two incredibly delicious meals catered by Mudgee Made Catering! You can't get better then that combination for a 'creatives getaway'....that is for sure :) 

Sneaks from Last Weekend



Last weekend involved shooting two amazing engagement events. One was an engagement party for Robyn & Rahul and the other an at-home engagement shoot with Katie & Jack. Both were truly perfect and made the weekend so much fun!

Robyn & Rahul's engagement party was on the Saturday afternoon at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant - such a perfect location for the type of event they hosted. Rahul's background is Indian so it was such a blast having heaps of the women dressed in sarees, a henna table & endless Indian dances. So fun! This was actually mine & Tanya's first event we did together - she did the flowers & I did the photography, I cannot wait to share more soon :) but most importantly, how insanely beautiful does Robyn look!? So stunning!

Then on the Sunday afternoon I went around to Katie & Jack's apartment for a romantic at-home engagement style shoot. I've known Katie since year 7 as we went to high school together and I'll be shooting their wedding at the end of the month. After going through & editing these photos, I cannot wait for their wedding day! It is going to be incredible & I feel honoured to be the one to capture the magic on the day!

I'll be sharing more from their engagement shoot soon so stay tuned :)

Friday Date Night

At home date nights are one of my favourite things ever! Especially when some delicious cooking is involved, candles are lit, chilled acoustic music replaces the tv and time seems to slow down. It just feels like true quality time spent together and there's nothing more I love than that! 

Last week was a little crazy for George with his flight to India being up in the air because of visa purposes. It wasn't until late Friday afternoon that his visa eventually came through but that meant his flight had to be pushed back a week. With a free Friday night to spend together, I decided that a little romantic at-home dinner date was in order. I wanted to incorporate some of George's favourite meals/ingredients so I made a bit of a disjointed dinner but it turned out absolutely delicious, if I do say so myself haha.

For the main feature, I made this Chorizo Bolognese but added beef mince and didn't serve it with buffalo mozzarella (as much as I love it). I served it with a little batch of tricolour fettuccine and it was superrrr yum! 

As for the sides, I made super crispy roasted potatoes with garlic & rosemary - just the way we like them. George also loves peas, so I served them up with some mint, feta & lemon juice was was the perfect little dish to freshen up the dinner. We enjoyed all the yummy food with a fantastic bottle of Shiraz Viognier by Logan. Pure perfection :)  

After dinner we watched Burnt (which seemed very apt after all my cooking haha) and then had a your classic snapchat selfie marathon haha! I mean, it's not really a successful date night without some snapchat selfies is it haha! :) :) :) xxx 


Pretty plums at The beaches Market

I think it's time for one of those good ol' catch up posts. Everything has been quite busy recently, which I'm sure is the same for everyone - I still find it crazy how much faster & seemingly busier life feels as you get older. Whereas when you're younger, I swear that the days would be soo much slower (particularly those school days where 3.30pm felt like it would never come haha!).

I've recently been so inspired to just and simplify. It could have something to do with the fact that the colder months are upon us and there's nothing better then getting in that cosy hibernation mode (well, as cosy as this balmy Sydney Autumn weather will let us get) which forces you to slow down. could be the fact that I turn 27 in just over 6 weeks.....WHAT!!! Haha now that is serious madness! But moving right along from that (for now) haha. 

Date night at Ananas Bar & Brasserie

So here is a bit of a round-up from some recent-ish adventures/recipes/outings...etc. I'm excited to share a little more from our super fun Oh Flora getaway to Mudgee back in March. You can see heaps more from our trip down to Mollymook & Milton over on What To Cook - it was amazing! Other than that, here's a little more about what's been going on recently:

  • I've become obsessed with the show Nashville like I knew I would! I kept putting off watching it because I knew I'd get sucked in and start streaming every episode. That's exactly what has happened haha! I'm halfway through season 3 and loving it! 
  • George is off to India for work soon, as soon as his visa comes through. I'm pretty sure he was Indian in his past life considering how much he loves the cuisine + cricket + beer haha. He's extremely excited!  
  • I've recently joined back up to the gym which has been reeeeeally good these past couple weeks. My plan at the beginning of the year was to make myself work out at home....but...that never happened! It turns out I need some hard motivation (like spending $56 a fortnight on membership) to actually get me there haha. Plus, it's a great excuse to step away from the computer when working at home.  
  • You might have already had a look, but my portfolio site has had a gradual freshen up. It made me desperately want to go on a holiday when I was doing the travel page
  • Snapchat is back on my most frequently used apps list. I got fed up having to look after two SC accounts so I'm now just using the one (username: sophlear1) and I share behind-the-scenes WTC stuff on there too. Much easier :)
  • I finally caught up on the last season of Downton Abbey. I kept putting it off because I just didn't want it to be over! I cried so much - that show is truly beautiful and I really hope the rumours about a potential movie are true! 
  • We are off to NZ in a couple weeks time. Just for a long weekend, but I'm really excited because it will be my first ever time visiting and I cannot wait to explore a bit. 
  • It's come to that time where I can now longer put off getting my hair tamed. Thinking of going for this & or this colour-wise. Proper blonde is just too high maintenance for me haha! 
1. Country perfection at Trelawney Farm, Mudgee | 2. Afternoon cocktails at Bannisters Pavilion rooftop bar | 3. Losing our minds in the rose garden at Mudgee Made Roses | 4. Rick's Place, Mollymook | 5. Zucchini + Cauliflower + Carrot Fritters on What To Cook | 6. Sunrise over Mollymook Beach
1. The beautiful bath at Trelawney | 2. Food styling & eating at Lazy Suzie
1. Pilgrims Cafe, Milton | 2. Cutest little sheep at Mudgee Made Roses | 3. Incredible lunch by Mudgee Made Catering | 4. The Three Musketeers down in the South Coast | 5. Shots at Los Vida | 6. Another sunrise shot over Mollymook Beach

Happiest of Thursdays to you! :) :)