A growing number of house owners today with a pool in their yard are thinking about contracting out the swimming pool upkeep to an expert pool service.

Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of making this choice.

The PROS of Working With a Swimming Pool Maintenance Business

Conserve Time

What is your time worth? Having your swimming pool preserved by a pool maintenance in Melbourne business can be a relatively substantial convenience.

Let’s do the mathematics.

Swimming pool Cleansing: 3-4 hrs each month

In Melbourne, most domestic pools take an expert at least thirty minutes to 1 hour every week for a complete cleansing that consists of vacuuming the flooring of the swimming pool.

There are four and 1/3 weeks typical every month, and this amounts to in between 2.12 to 4.3 hours monthly for an expert pool cleaning.

An expert has the best tools and on average carries out 55-65 swimming pool cleansings each week. The majority of swimming pool owners do not have battery powered leaf vacuums or vacuum heads with ball bearings, so their DIY approach is going to be longer and more difficult.

We’ll approximate a Do It Yourself swimming pool owner’s time to be 3-4 hours instead of 2-4 for the actual pool cleaning.

Here in Melbourne, the chemicals begin at $58 in addition to the service part of the quote. It is quite typical to invest in this as a swimming pool owner every month if all chemicals and DE are considered as well.

A Melbourne swimming pool service quote may be $120 labor + $39 chemicals = $159 per month

Water Balance and Chemicals: 2 hrs each month.

Do It Yourself house owners usually take their water to be checked at a regional pool merchant regularly when buying swimming pool chemicals or if they have a water balance problem to solve.

Each of these journeys to the local pool supply seller takes some time.

There likewise is more time had to include the extra chemicals and re-check the water, along with to discharge and keep chemicals appropriately in a safe area.

There is likewise time contributed to backwash the filter and re-charge it. We’ll approximate these at 2hrs each month overall time.

Overall Time Saved = 5-6 hours each month; Expense for Time Saved = about $100.

Keep in mind: Other parts of Australia have swimming pools that take half the time to tidy as those in Melbourne. The labour part of their swimming pool services likewise costs about half as much which suggests the net cost savings per hour must be reasonably comparable.

Exactly what is your time worth? Is it worth more than a prospective breakeven of $20 per hour?