Tonight is my last ever night spent living in Cardiff (George has a week left here after I fly home on Sunday). After a hectic day of packing (I seriously underestimated just how much stuff we have!) we are chilling on the couch with a glass of wine in hand watching T.V. Very fitting since this is our nightly tradition (sub out the wine on week nights 🙂
To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed living in this city very much. There are so many great things about Cardiff, but I don’t feel like it is the fit for me. I have never been inspired or excited by living here or what this city has to offer – (except for these two days)! From my experience here, I feel like it’s lacking some cultural element that could make it so much better! Nearly every single restaurant or cafe is a chain, there isn’t even a proper florist, and to me, I feel like the vibe is way less than classy (you should see it on a Saturday night).
I don’t want to slate the city completely because I know there is a potential to have an amazing life here! It is in such a beautiful part of the world! But after spending a year here, I know it’s not for me.
Having said all that, I have been quite sentimental about packing up and leaving. I really didn’t think I would get upset (especially with the thought of going home for four weeks and then coming back to live in London) but it has been quite the contrary. I was listening to my favourite mellow tunes while packing our lives of the last year into little boxes, and I had to stop and take a minute to take it all in. This past year has been absolutely amazing. I will have so many memories from it.
This has been the first real place George and I have lived in together (without house mates). And I have absolutely loved everything to do with that aspect of living here in Cardiff. We have had a lobby and a concierge and a lift and our own little mailbox with letters in it addressed to both of us. We have had the best week nights revelling in each others company even if it’s me on my computer and George studying away. We have had the best weekends filled with baking and movie marathons. Or weekend adventures to local towns and villages. We have been able to really live with each other with nothing really distracting us from just that. It is what I am going to miss about living in this little city and this little apartment the most. 
Moving is such a weird thing though. On one hand I am so excited to get out of Cardiff and cannot wait to get to London. But on the other hand, I want to pause this moment forever and just live in this little bubble George and I have made for ourselves here.
As much as I haven’t enjoyed living in Cardiff as a whole, I am going to miss it so much and will always remember this year!