currently at the moment.

Things have been happening lately. Thoughts, actions, feelings. All sorts of stuff. It's funny but I think 'married life' has sparked some kind of crazy extra energy that's making me feel happyyyyyyy, excited and super optimistic. I loveeeeee it! Perhaps all the energy I put towards planning the wedding (and doing all the DIY) is now being placed on living the everyday to the fullest. If so, the hectic (but FUN) planning of the wedding was definitelyyy worth it :) Here's what's been going down around here, in bullet points (because who doesn't love a list):

  • I am dreamingggggg of farmhouses! I want to live on a small farm. By the beach and not too far from the city. Is that too much to ask? haha! But seriously...George have been brainstorming up how we will do it. We will of course then build our dream southern style home on the land too. This is a dream that won't fruition into reality for a veryyyyyyyy long time (if ever) but as I said above, I'm feeling super optimistic at the moment haha!
  • I am pretty sure that dream has come from either constantly listening to country music, or being forever obsessed with Benjamin Hole's instagram feed (photo of the cows is from his feed!).
  • George and I have seen all our wedding photos and we are obsessed! Like blown away and so so so happy with them. We are now just waiting for the high res files to arrive in the mail and they will then be posted on here straight.away! Hurry up postman! Toooo excited.
  • Speaking of country music - right now I'm obsessed with Meanwhile Back At Mama's by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill (among sooooooo many others). Have you seen the video clip? ANOTHER reason why I want a farm with horses, cows, sheep, dogs and a hugeeeeeee veggie garden haha! 
  • What To Cook Tonight news: we are waiting on designers to get back to us with an outline on what the redesign will look like and how much it will cost. The response we have got so far is reallyyy exciting and makes us even more inspired in the kitchen. 
  • More on WTCT - check out this yummy recipe :) 
  • Now to combine country music and WTCT...when dad and I are cooking up a storm in the kitchen we always have the country music channel on in the background. We pretty much know every song and every lyric now and it's so much fun.
  • I've been catching up on Lou's blog and she makes me wish I could document my life in words better. She makes it seem so easy, whereas it's such a strug-gleeeee for me to get out what I want to say in nice well written sentences. (Insert this emoji here)
  • I'm definitely starting to crave summer now, but I know that when December hits I'll be wanting a cozy Christmassy winter vibe going on. I'm campaigning with George that when we have little kids running around, we will spend every second December in London. The whole month! 
  • In regards to the collage of the four images at the top...I'm on the search for interesting props for WTCT, fun prints for summer dressing, a bigggg spacious, photogenic and light filled kitchen to enjoy breakfasts like these in!
  • Last but not least...mornings with my husband are just the best thing ever invented. Even if I am a sleepy little gremlin (but then he makes me coffee and all is good in the world)! 

Now tell me....what's going on in your world? :)

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*Found on Pinterest with no link through to a proper website. Let me know if you know where it's from :)

savannah, GA.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah carried on with the same theme as Southport & Charleston - calm, peaceful and incredibly romantic. Savannah solidified our obsession with the south and made us extra happy that we ventured to this part of America for our honeymoon! Like so so sooo happy. 

We stayed at the Hamilton Turner Inn and it was perfection. We (of course) hired bikes - this time really beautiful ones from Perry Rubber - and cycled around the STUNNING cobblestone streets, taking in all the magicallllllll squares full of absolutely beautiful oak trees. I remember George and I were cycling down to dinner at The Florence (recommended to us by our waiter at FIG) on the hottest of summer nights and George turned to me, while we were cycling through Forsyth Park, and said "there is nowhere in the world I would rather be than right here, cycling through Savannah with you!". It might sound absurd but I was thinking the exact same thing just as he said that to me. It was one of those kind of moments that give you goosebumps butterflies at the same time. 

Another stand out moment that I will never forget was lunch at Mrs Wilkes. We stood in line and waiting for 1 hour to get our shared table of 10 and enjoy the most traditionally southern lunch with 8 complete strangers from all over America. It was one of the coolest food experiences, actually... it was one of the coolest overall travel/life experiences ever! 

I feel it's hard for me to convey in words how much we loved Savannah so I shall leave the rest to the photos. Ahhhhh take me back......!!

spring sunday.

Happy Monday! 

Above are some scenes from a particularly stunning Sunday in Sydney. We've not been having the best weather here recently (and everyone will tell you that...."why can't it stop raining" "ohhhhhh my god....will winter ever end?!?" - Sydney cannot handle rain and cold weather, that is for sure!) but yesterday it was absolutely sublime. 

So yesterday my parents, George and I ventured over to the eastern suburbs to pick up my Grandma for a good little catch up as George and I hadn't seen her since our wedding! We picked her up from Woollahra and drove down to Coogee for takeaway coffee & pizza from Coogee Pavilion. It seems that every single person had the same idea because it was busssssayyyyy but as it should be on a brilliant sunny Sunday in september. What a splendid day - looking forward to so many more like it throughout the summer! 

I'm wearing: Asos dress | Zara denim vest | Urban Outfitters sunnies & sandals | Coffee from Will & Co at Coogee Pavilion (SO good!) 

charleston, SC.

10:33pm Thursday: So here I am once again writing a post at a time where my mind is bananas. I've just been over at my friend Carla's house with Tans, drinking wine by the fire while playing Cluedo and catching up on the last 6 weeks (6 weeks! holybejesus! time is madness!). However, I really want to share the photo-diary from magical Charleston right now! Otherwise, who knows when I'll get my act together to do so haha! 

Enjoy the endless amount of photos. I suggest getting a cup of tea/glass of wine/moscow mule (what I drank in Charleston) while you scroll through them. I'll be back tomorrow with words to coincide with the images. Still need to work on the words though because Charleston left me completely speechless! 

9:36am Friday: I'm back! I'm writing this on my phone as I have a relaxing bubble bath (a seriously cheeky perk of working from home)! 

Ok Charleston...I don't know where to start. It was absolutely magnificent! A dream! A magical magical magical dream. I guess it all started with Zero George - the amazing place where we stayed. I had seen it mentioned everywhere; in a billion magazines, blog posts, and kept popping up! So when George sent me the link and said "we have to stay here in Charleston" I was like 'OH MY GOODNESS MY DREAM IS COMING TRUE!' and let me tell you....Zero George smashed my high expectations out of the park. Well and truly! We stayed for 3 nights and were treated to the most comfortable beds in the world, complementary afternoon wine & cheese platters, the biggest and best umbrellas that were put to good use during those crazyyyyy Charleston summer storms, an ideal location, beautiful breakfasts and absolutely stunning surroundings. As soon as you walk in the front gates of Zero George it's like you've walked into this tranquil world of perfection. I loved it so much and never wanted to leave!

But our accommodation was only the beginning of the amazingness that was Charleston. From there, we filled our days by visiting the bustling farmer's market (in heat that made me feel like I was in the middle of Australian dessert + 100% humidity - but that madness just added to the fun); renting bikes and cycling around everywhere - from King Street down to South of Broad & the Battery, over to Colonial Lake and all the charming streets in between; popping into cute little boutiques, cafes and wine bars; and wandering around the town without any real agenda. It was so relaxing & carefree

Above: Zero George perfection! 

Above: George's new favourite beer!

Now onto the food of Charleston. I had heard soooooo many great things about the food and the particular places we had to eat at! Here is a list of where we went:

Nearly everyone recommended Husk but we think FIG smashed it! We sat up at the bar at FIG and had a great waiter/bartender (who could not understand my accent at all haha) and enjoyed the most sensational Ricotta Gnocchi i've ever eaten! OH my goodness! I would recommend Husk but I think the overall fun atmosphere (plus amazinggggg food) at FIG made for a better dinner date for us :) so I would highlyyyyy recommend it!

The Charleston food scene is no joke! I was constantly super inspired! 

The cobblestones and the wide tree-lined roads, the crepe myrtle, the airy porches and the beautiful window shutters, the slow-but-bustling pace of life, the pastel coloured houses, the crazy HEAT, the crazy RAIN, the southern accents and hospitality, the peacefulness and the romance of Charleston was enough to make me want to live there forever. 

George and I actually spoke a lot about how people pick the places of where they live and settle down. A lot obviously has a lot to do with where your family is, but this part of our trip really made us think about a parallel life living in Charleston. George would say that he wouldn't really be able to do much there (job wise) as there isn't really a banking industry going on, but that aside, we would dream about waking up early and strolling/cycling down the beautiful streets to our favourite coffee shop, then head off to our joint office/kitchen studio where we would cook up recipes for What To Cook Tonight (my parent's would obviously be there too - George would be taking care of the finances of the business haha), go for afternoon bike rides and drink lots of wine & eat lots of cheese on our big airy front porch, visit the farmers market on the weekend and come back and cook up a storm, then...repeat! Peaceful perfection!

This is what I love about travelling and exploring new places - they push you into how you want to live your everyday life. I've definitely come back to Sydney with a little bit of peaceful Charleston in me and I don't see it going anywhere. It's also made me realise the best things about Sydney - Sydney is a place where you can do either; live the slow life or live the hectic city life. That's why it suits George and I so well....we can dabble in both :)

Above: The stunning houses of Charleston. We heard heaps of hilarious stories about the crazy strict rules on how your house is meant to look if you live in Charleston or even if you want to change or fix up a tiny detail. Doesn't sound like the worst plan because those houses are absolutely MARVELLOUS! 

There was only one disappointing thing about our stay in Charleston...we tried to go and visit Boone Hall Plantation after hearing how beautiful it is, but the day we went to go, we got stuck in a crazy rain storm and had to pull over onto the side of the road as we couldn't see ANYTHING the rain was so hectic! Finally when it cleared slightly, we went to see if it was worth it but the lady on the entrance said it's just too wet and we wouldn't get the best out of it. Unfortunately we didn't have time to go back so we will have to wait until next time...........

......because there will definitely be a next time! Charleston, we fell head over heels in love with you!!!