homemade pizzas by what to cook tonight.

Awwwwwwwww MAN! Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) something comes out of the What To Cook kitchen that blows me away. And these two pizzas did exactly that. 

The pizzas are a Kale & Pumpkin and a Spiced Lamb & Jalapeño. Both utterly delicious and both will inspire you to remember just how great food and just how great life is. These pizzas obviously have to involve either some chilled beers or some chilled wine.....(of course!).

Find the recipes for the two pizzas here! Perfect weekend cooking :)  

palm beach, FL.

Throwing back to that old honeymoon today. The one which now seems like a dream. And here we are in dreamy Palm Beach, Florida! And wow!...ohmygoodness!! 

For some weird reason, I really wasn't expecting much from Palm Beach. I was expecting a fake and tacky vibe but was in fact treated to sublime elegance and class. It was such a cool spot for us to stop at and I am so happy we did happen to stop there!  

We were only there for one night, before leaving for Little Palm Island (photos will be coming...eventually haha), and our stay was centred around our accommodation; The Breakers, our favourite dinner of the whole trip; Buccan and one exceptionally beautiful shopping street; Worth Ave. 

See all the fun below.. 

The Breakers - where do you even start?!? This place is actually absurd and out-of-this-world-amazingly-over-the-top! I loved everything about it! 

The crystal blue pools, the stunning beach, the drink dispensers full of icy cold water you'd find everywhere, the pool-side dining, the HMF cocktail bar, the breakfast room (!), the rooms themselves, the TV's in the bathroom mirrors, the robes, the gift & merchandise shop.....I could seriously go on and on forever.

That place is seriously rid-ic-u-lous and totally worth staying at so if you're in Palmy (that's what we call our, much more humble, Palm Beach haha) definitely stay at The Breakers!

Buccan - Wow! Another aspect of Palm Beach that seriously blew us away! 

We were recommended to dine here by one of Sarah's best friends, Heather, who happens to be a Palmy local! Obviously we had to take her up on her recommendation and we are soooo glad we did!  

Every single plate we ordered was absolutely delectable! I'm not the harshest of judges when it comes to any kind of experience really, but George on the other hand has way higher expectations and he just couldn't get over how sensational this place was.  

The food, the interior, the service, the ambiance - such a winning combo!  

Thank YOU Heather! 

The next morning, after a beautiful buffet breakfast at The Breakers, we checked out of our room and headed straight to Worth Avenue! 

Wowwwwwwwwww! Once again, I've got no idea what I was expecting but I was in absolute awe! And seriously overwhelmed!

Does this happen to you when you're surrounded by so much beautiful wealth? Or is it just me? Haha!  

I just could not stop taking photos. Everything from the shops, to the cars and to the street itself was just so stunning!

It was some kind of torture though I suppose. Just observing all that crazy materialism and not taking part in any of it haha. 

Ohhhhh well.....next time :)  

And then we hit the road again for a magical drive down to Little Palm Island....coming soon :)

bondi + manly.

And all of a sudden the summery weekends have begun! It happens in the blink of an eye here in good ol' Syd and it's absolute pure magic (although, as I say that, it's been pretty miserable today haha but that kind of adds to the perfectness of early summertime don't you think). 

This particular weekend was a real mixture of seaside combinations. It starts with Bondi. George and I ventured to the east for brunch at the brand new bills (the same as Granger & Co. in Notting Hill) and enjoyed the most sensational food - you can never beat avocado, chilli, lime & coriander though can you?! We then strolled along the beach and breathed in some beautifulllll fresh air! 

Saturday night, George was at a rugby presentation event, and I enjoyed wine & pizza on my friends (and beautiful bridesmaids) sensational terrace that overlooks the harbour bridge! On the way there, I stopped at least 14,000 times to take photos of the beautiful sunset over the harbour. It was one of those wretched times when I cursed myself for not taking my proper camera...but thank goodness for iPhones and their amazing convenience! You never get used to the beauty of Sydney...well at least I've never gotten used to it and I love Sydney for it :)

Then to top off the seaside weekend vibe, on Sunday, George and I drove to Manly and I just about fell in love with life all over again. I likeeeeee Bondi & the east, but I love love love love love Manly and the north! I suppose I'm a little biased considering I grew up in the north but....it's so much better (plus, it's totally the underdog......the east is apparently where it's at, according to the peeps who turn their nose up at the north). Anyway, back to the amazingness of Manly - our day consisted of picking up take away flat whites, strolling around the markets, heading to Papi Chulo for a sublime lunch, then onto Manly Wine for a late arvo rose before making our way back home. It was a Sunday for the early summertime books, that's for sure!

How was your weekend? Hope it was fantastic and your Monday was even better...(is that possible?! I do not think so, but lets just go with it haha...woo! Monday!).

summer wonder by country road.

Holy Schmokes! Sometimes I come across something on the internet that ignites this crazy whirlwind of inspired emotions. A combination of happiness, adventure, restlessness, excitement, positiveness, hopefulness, an extreme motivation. It is the best! 

This is exactly what happened when I watched the short film Country Road have put together for their new campaign. It's called Summer Wonder and stars the stunning Aussie model, Gemma Ward, and her adorable baby girl. It was filmed on coastal NSW at beautiful Seal Rocks and as soon as I showed George the video he started looking up little beach shacks we could rent out for a weekend up there. 

Everything about the shoot and the short film are absolutely magical and it makes me so excited for the upcoming summer in Sydney and beyond. After you watch it, I'm pretty sure you will be too :) 

Perfect Monday morning inspiration.

meanwhile, back at the tuckers.

It's seriously embarrassing how long I've left it to post about my favourite peeps but there was no way I wasn't going to document the momentous occasion of staying at the TUCKERS! 

Let's just start with....oh my goodness!!! It was absolutely magically surreal! Sarah and I have been the best of blogging buddies since I started this blog! Back when George and I were living in Nottingham and Sarah & JB were gallivanting around Europe! This was like 5 years ago...so I felt like I Sarah and I were some kind of long lost sisters reuniting! 

That being said, I was super nervous. We stopped at a supermarket in Palmetto just before getting there, to pick up some wine, beers, flowers and chocolate (and some treats for Lola - the most hilarious dog ever) which allowed me to really appreciate the fact that we were STAYING OVER at the TUCKERS! Seriously, how cool is blogging! 

As soon as we arrived and were greeted with the warmest of hugs by Sarah and the famous/most adorable Tuck my silly nerves vanished and we had the best afternoon of all time! We chatted, drank beers & wine (only George and I because Sarah announced she was pregnant!!! Soo exciting), went on a stroll around the charming neighbourhood, played with the Tuckie (the most happiest, lovliest, friendliest, funniest child of all time) and just caught up on everything with what felt like one of my oldest friends! It was sublime! It was also incredibly humid and it still remains a mystery to me how Sarah could look like a complete goddess regardless while my hair was a frizzball and my makeup completely melted off. 

Then it already got to 6pm and JB came home from work! We met JB!!!!! (Brittany was jealous haha). I know it's hard to believe but these two are even more cool, perfect & fun in real life than anything you'd see online! JB grilled up some amazing steaks with okra and brussels sprouts and it was sensational! Just what we needed - a home cooked meal on a big roadtrip will always go down a treat but this was extra amazing because we were chilling out in Palmetto with the Tuckers and Tuck! I know I keep saying it but omg...SO COOL! 

We stayed up chatting with Sarah and JB for hours before heading off to the comfiest bed ever. In the morning we woke to a crazy storm and watched cartoons with Tuckie - it was so cozy, I really really didn't want to leave! 

Thank you so much Sarah, JB, Tuck (& tiny Wesley James)...we had the best time ever and cannot wait to repay the favour when you come to visit us in Sydney!