wedding: portraits.

Last weeks "Wedding week" has kind of spilled over into this week too because ordering the sheer volume of photos is quite overwhelming haha but the best kind of overwhelming if you know what I mean. I am sharing a lot of the little moments between ceremony and reception when we walked around the grounds of the beautiful Manor House in Sutton Forest

It was an incredibly surreal moment of the day where the realisation that the ceremony was over was the weirdest realisation of all time. It was so much fun just hanging out with my new husband and the whole bridal party getting our photos snapped by the amazing Jemma! It really allowed time for George and I to be able to smile from ear-to-ear at each other over the fact that we were finally married which was incredibly lovely on a pretty hectic day :) 

wedding: ceremony.

I would dream and dream and dream about the ceremony every single second leading up to the wedding - it was what I couldn't stop thinking about! The part where we actually became husband and wife! 

We really couldn't have had a more magical (in our eyes haha) ceremony. Mainly because our celebrant, Rochelle, was absolutely amazing! Pretty much every single person commented on how lovely she was :)  

I walked down the aisle to Canon in D by Pachabel and after we were married, George and I walked back down the aisle to Marry You by Bruno Mars! So happy!

Best Day Ever!  

wedding: details + diy.

Before I get onto posting the photos of our ceremony, I wanted to share some of the little details; in particular, the table settings! 

Leading up to the wedding (maybe even before George and I got engaged) I would dream about the layout of the tables. It's the area of the whole wedding planning fiasco that I felt most overwhelmed on. I wanted the tables to look magicallllll but not too over the top or "put-together".

It sounds crazy to me now but I was originally planning on hand writing every single menu! I did about three and quickly realised that was the most unrealistic idea of all time. So instead, I purchased some of my favourite fonts and printed them out on parchment paper. I wrote "menu" using a white-painter pen at the top of each one and we then stuck them down on pieces of cardboard box that we cut up (we got so many cardboard boxes from our local wine shop - they recycle all their boxes so we could just pick them up). I then got the idea of putting little pegs on them from going for lunch at Chiswick for my 25th birthday - that's what they had on their wine menu. Inspiration from everywhere!

For the names of the tables, I knew I didn't want them to be numbered in the traditional sense and seeing as our theme was very English-y, I wanted to name them after something England based. George came up with the idea of London tube names :) 

Slight interruption: It's 10.50pm in Syd and I am off to sleeeeep. I'll be back with more updates and info about it all in the morning :) Ciao ciaooooo! 

Its now the following day and I'm back haha: ok so getting back down to business - for the table names and name cards, I got watercolour paper and used watercolours in either light mint green or light pink/peach to decorate them. Superrrr easy and it tied in nicely with the colours running through pretty much every aspect of the day. I then used a pencil to outline the name (only for the tables - I didn't worry about that for the name cards) and then a good quality gold pen and pretended to know how to write calligraphy style. Some worked out ok and others I had to redo or fix up somehow - I wasn't too fussed on it looking perfect because it wasn't meant to look perfect :) 

I also did all the signs -  table seating, Instagram, bar, photo booth and bride & groom signs for the back of our chairs. These were the MOST annoying but turned out okkkkk! I kept putting them off so didn't leave myself as much time as the other stuff, so I could probably have done a better job but on the day I don't think I thought about them once haha! So it didn't really matter - I'm so glad I did them though! We got the wood from Bunnings and I was originally hoping to get a more rustic kind of wood but it wasn't available. We weren't keen on traipsing around Sydney trying to find the perfect wood so we got what we could and were happy. 

I knew that I wanted the day to feature beautiful florals EVERYWHERE and so we hired our beautiful friend (girlfriend of one of George's groomsmen) to do them for us! Tanya only launched her floral styling business just after George and I got engaged so we both thought it might be too soon for her to do them. However, it got closer and closer to the day and Tans and I would have great catchup chats/brainstorms over flowers and we were totally on the same wavelength! We chatted and decided to go for it and it was the best decision ever! It's all about supporting your friends and their small businesses especially at the beginning! Tans is going to be HUGE I know it! 

wedding: getting ready.

The night before the wedding we stayed at Peppers Craigieburn which is just across the road from my Grandparents house. The alarm went off at 6.15am and I literally jumped out of bed and we drove the 2.5 minutes over the road (it was COLD & and dark haha). Jess, the most amazingly lovely human of all time (who also happens to be an amazing hair & makeup artist) was already there. We got started on my hair while mum made us tea. 

There is seriously no one I would have rather spent the morning of my wedding with than Jess. As I said she is so incredibly lovely and also so easy to work with - calm, relaxed, positive, thoughtful and sooo sweet! She really had her work cut out for her with me, mum, 6 bridesmaids, George's mum and sister and my little cousin. Nothing seemed to phase her (she did bring along a lovely assistant, Dee Dee, to make it less hectic) and I could trust her completely! That is what you want on the morning of your wedding let me tell you :) She even bought little snacks - almonds and organic dark chocolate - for us to munch on as we were getting ready. The BEST! If I ever need to get my hair and makeup done for a big event then it's always going to be Jess :)

The morning passed in a crazily hectic, mad, chaotic, hilarious way. It was so fun! Mum made us omelettes for breakfast and Grandma made us chicken sandwiches for lunch. Treena ran over to get stuff I left behind at the hotel and Gracey and Anna went on a coffee run. We sipped (a little) Champagne and toasted to the fact that we couldn't believe the wedding day had arrived! It was madness. I asked Jemma's assistant, Damien, if most mornings of the wedding were this chaotic and he said... "YES! Some are bad chaotic though...this is happy chaotic!" and it was true. I seriously couldn't wipe the smile off my face! 

wedding: highlights.

Here we are. The first real wedding post of many. I'm starting with a little highlight reel. It was actually quite challenging putting this post together because it was kind of impossible picking out just a few moments from the day. I know I've said it a billion times, but the day was seriously sublimely magical. I still get butterflies when I think about it. 

So, we got married in Bowral (1.5 hours south of Sydney) in my beautiful grandparents stunning garden (that's where the reception was held, the ceremony was actually in Sutton Forest at Peppers Manor House). It was ridiculously cold (I was told - I couldn't feel it from the adrenaline/nerves/excitement/happiness haha) - it actually SNOWED on the night before the wedding. That hasn't happened in Bowral for YEARS! I like to tell everyone that it was my fault it was cold - I prayeddddd to the weather gods every single second leading up to the wedding. I kept saying "I don't care if it's -10000c, I just don't want it to rain" (I really didn't like the wet weather option for our ceremony haha). So the weather gods did answer my prayer and mother nature was realllly testing me on my love for winter haha! BUT it made the day so cute and cozy and I wouldn't change that for the world. 

Now onto the photos...I knew I wanted a majority of film photos rather than just digital. Nothing against digital (I mean I shoot with digital and would have no idea where to start when it comes to shooting film - although I definitely want to learn one day) but I felt that the soft, romantic, timeless beauty of film photography was perfect for us and our day. So in comes Jemma Keech. Her work is so so stunning and I knew she would shoot our day sensationally. I had to get around a couple hurdles because I had the classic questions from my parents "she's from WESTERN AUSTRALIA, can't you get someone from Sydney?!?" I said "No, it might sound crazy but we need Jemma" I quickly showed them her work and they understood. I then told them that she flew Jose Villa from America to shoot her wedding in Perth and they now understand that this is a thing now. A very brilliant thing now! And parents are sooooo glad we had Jemma shoot the day. She is not only incredibly amazingly talented as a photographer (I am so so soooo in love with the photos) but she is also so so lovely in person! So much fun! 

Now onto just a couple of the highlights from the day...

Being MARRIED and getting our portraits taken. This was so much fun because the nerves had settled and I just could not stop smiling/laughing. I kept having to pinch myself that it was all actually happening. It was crazy after imagining, for sooo many months, George and I getting our photos taken on our wedding day! We've got so many ones that I am in love with but I love our happy smiles in this one. 

Spending the morning with the girls in our robes and flower crowns (flower crowns by our seriously talented friend Tanya from Oh Flora - more to come on her). We drank champagne, ran around doing last minute details, had our hair and makeup done by Jess Berg Hair & Makeup (more to come on Jess and her amazingness too), squealed with excitement, laughed at the last minute disasters and just had the best time ever! I also had Anna, Gracey & Treena, three of my closest friends, come spend the morning with us too. It was so girly and sublime. I felt relaxed and super happy!

Here is one of the last minute disaster we had haha. It was about midday and we realised we hadn't premixed the cocktails yet so Lans and Jemski got on the case and started mixing up the "Bride" & the "Groom" cocktails with limited ingredients (we also forgot to get a lot of them haha) and a proper science experiment occurred. The cocktail mixture erupted when tonic water was added and it bubbled up everyyyyyyywhere. The cocktails were also ridiculously potent with it being pretty much 50% spirit 50% mixer. HA! We just wanted to loosen up the party! So funny!

Seeing all the planning of the decorations come together was surreal. I'll speak about this some more when I post about all the reception and the details but everything turned out just as I imagined. I DIY'ed with a lot - the menus, name cards, table names, favours, seating arrangement, bar sign, instagram sign, photo booth was a lot of time and effort but seeing it on the day made it so so so worth it! Then you pair it with the ridiculously stunning table arrangements by Tans from Oh Flora and it felt like an absolute winning combo in my eyes :) we also picked up 30 bunches of flowers from Tans on the Thursday before the wedding and spent Friday afternoon filling the little jars - I loved it! There will be so many more photos of the table setting coming up. 

Getting in my dress and wearing the family veil that my great aunt made! It was so crazy stepping in my dress after having bought it back in September last year! I couldn't believe it was finally the day I got to wear it! I felt like a real life princess all day - plus, it was the most comfortable dress of all time! I didn't want to take it off at the end! 
So many people in my family have worn the veil which made it so special for me, but it was made even moree special/bittersweet/poignant after learning that my great aunt Jill passed away a couple days before the wedding. It was so nice to wear the veil in her honour.

Driving passed all the guests as we arrived at the ceremony. I later found out that George started crying as soon as he saw the cars drive up. Adorableeeeeeeee :) I was shedding a couple of nervous tears myself. This was such a crazy crazy crazy moment. We had three cars - two for the bridesmaids and flower girl and one for me, mum and dad :)
I'm pretty sure you can see the reflection of the groomsmen in the bottom left of the car - all those boys lined up in their suits. 

The three musketeers! It was the best feeling in the world finally seeing George after so much build up and craziness in the morning, but it was also the best being reunited with Eddy! He was George's best man so he was obviously spending the night before and the morning of getting ready with all the boys. It was so so special having Eddy up at the alter with us, standing next to George! I kept looking at him and catching glimpses of him looking so so happy. He said that he kept looking at me being transfixed on George and said it was so nice being my brother and seeing me look so happy :) awwww little brothers are the BEST! Especially when they are also your bestest friend!

Cocktail hour in the garden. This was at around 4.30pm after our sparkler entrance to the reception. We had fires burning, blankets out, the sun was setting, people were drinking the crazy cocktails, everyone was telling us how magical the ceremony was, it felt like a true winter wonderland. 

Our first dance :) we danced to How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding and it was just the best! I kind of felt like I was having an out of body experience during the dance. Actually it kind of felt like I was having an out of body experience throughout the whole day! 


Next up: getting ready with the girls