the wtct process

I thought I would share a little insight into the process of producing content for What To Cook Tonight. It's a process that is so much fun - we are loving every minute of it. You can now also purchase the first 5 weeks of our recipes as one large cookbook! Get it here. Now for the WTCT process:

We cook, taste, write, style, photograph, edit and upload every single recipe on our site. 

2. We cook the recipe for dinner for the whole family and make any changes from the recipe draft. We also ask our family if they think it's a good weeknight dinner. They usually say yes, but sometimes offer up some suggestions. 

5. We then do all the website admin and upload the recipes as products, do posts for recipes 1-4 and the free recipe too as well as all other photos we use for landing pages etc. This is one of the most time consuming aspects but is awesome to see it all come together. 

Photos by Tania

A lot of work goes into producing our weekly cookbooks and updating our site. It's a process that has kind of taken over the house and we absolutely love it! This is how we do it:

1. We brainstorm recipes and loosely plan five that will work well together. We then write up the recipe we will be shooting first. It's a very basic draft as we know we will edit it along the way. 

3. After we have made changes to the recipe, this is when we start shooting it. We shoot the ingredients (and usually forget one or two), shoot the process of cooking and then shoot the final product. We Instagram it as a sneak peek for the cookbook. In same cases, we have had to reshoot if we don't like the way it originally turned out.

4. Then we edit the photos, write up the recipe as a word document, then combine it on top of an image for the cookbook. We do that for the 5 recipes of that current cookbook. This is what we find the hardest - the recipe writing. 

6. We are usually planning recipes 6 weeks ahead of publishing them, shooting the recipes 5 weeks ahead of publishing and uploading them to the site one week ahead (working on making that 4 weeks ahead minimum). So it's a very hands on process that we absolutely love!