midday walk with mr win.

After a solid week at my desk, come early afternoon today I was craving a neighbourhood walk with my favourite little sidekick.  

We slowly strolled the streets with my camera in tow and stopped for coffee on the way back home. It was the most perfect break to remind me to step-away-from-the-computer! A new Friday tradition I'm thinking :) 

Winston is nodding his approval! Happppppy Friday :) 

byron bay storm beach + happenings.

Ahhhhhh absolutely craving a stormy afternoon at the beach right now, particularly Byron's beautiful beach. This week has been hot, humid & hectic and I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that it is somehow 11.30pm on Friday night?! To be honest, I've been incredibly behind the eight ball this week but oh well haha! Here's what's been going on:

  • George and I are off to London in 3 weeks time to visit his family, catch up with friends + also adventures for What To Cook! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to be back in that city. It's been too long and a reunion is well overdue. 
  • The same goes for Paris! George and I have both been craving a cheeky Parisian getaway but that is pretty close to impossible coming all the way from Sydney. So seeing as we are going to be so so close, we decided to book super spontaneous day trip from London to Paris just for one day. We are arriving in Paris for breakfast and will leave after dinner! Wow - how amazing to be able to do that. Sydney's geographical location suffers in that regard haha. I'm beyond excited to get back to Paris, especially after the horrible attacks rocking that beautiful city and the whole world :(
  • Tomorrow we are going to Bowral to visit my Grandparents and it will be the first time going back since George and I got married! Can you believe it's only just over a week away until it's been 6 whole months since George and I got married! A little 6 month anniversary post will be coming up next week :)
  • Something suppppper exciting?!?! We have received the backend of our fresh new What To Cook site! That means we have been uploading all the new content + updating all the old content into the new site! Next week is going to be crazy busy getting it all in order to hopefullly launch the site on 2nd February (6 month anniversary of being married too)! Only a few days later than originally expected but could be pushed back out again depending on how everything goes. Getting so incredibly excited because the site looks ridiculously good. I'll fill in on all the details about the amazing team who is building our site when it's all up and running :) 
  • George and I are hosting an Australia Day BBQ on Monday so fingers crossed we get great weather and can chill by the pool all day. Australia Day perfection!
  • We had a close call with Winston this week....as in he ran out the gate and onto the road after playing a game of 'catch me if you can'! Buses & cars had to be stopped on our street before he realised this wasn't the time to be playful. I can't even begin to say how my heart nearly burst through my chest when I finally got him back into my arms. Such a cheeky little bugger! He's so so so ridiculously cute though I don't even know how to properly convey his adorableness! Yay for puppies!
  • This week I read The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes and could.not.put.it.down!! Loved it so much! 
  • Next weekend, Tanya and I + our male comraderies are road tripping it to Mudgee for the day to visit a ROSE FARM!!! We will take lotsss of photos and I cannot wait to share. Then over Easter, George and I are going back to Mudgee with Mum & Dad to visit my Aunt Bee Belinda! (What To Cook travel features galore coming up).
  • I've been thinking a bit about blogging recently. As in when I talk/think to myself in my head it's always in the tone of writing a blog post haha! I've kind of always done this ever since starting TLT but it's more prominent at the moment because I don't get to use this outlet as much as I used to. What To Cook content has a higher priority at the moment, but down the line I'm thinking there will be cross overs more often. Yay!
  • Super sneaky last dot point because G is shy - George got a ridiculously amazing promotion on the Friday before we went to Byron! He will get really embarrassed if I started to go on about his work life and how much he kills it but he really does kill it. I am so over-the-top proud! We popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate (of course!)

And that's that for the moment. Now I'm going to have a much needed catch up on all of my favourite blogs :) Happy Friday! How was your week? I'm hoping it was absolutely fantastic! Have an even better weekend too :)

byron bay | the spirit & vibe.

The vibe is what makes me fall in love with a place. A good, fun & vibrant vibe. Byron Bay has that in bucket loads. I've never been anywhere else like it in that you have the most interesting mix of people living/holidaying/backpacking all in one tiny little beachside town. 

The first time we went to Byron was in 2001 so it has grown an incredible amount since then, and every time we go back there are new apartments, boutiques and restaurants popping up in streets that were pretty much empty the time before. Usually this would change a place but luckily Byron is still good old Byron even with all the options now. 

It's still the same beachside town full of hippies, Rastafarians & cool little chillers in the photo above but also the place where you could drop a serious amount of money if you wanted to :) 

sunday night inspiration.

Happy Sunday! Today has felt like it's gone on forever - I'm definitely not complaining because that never happens does it? Sunday's usually zoom past. 

Anyway, for some reason today has just been super breezy, easy and relaxed. We woke up and had coffee & breakfast, relaxed by the pool, went off to the shops and got some fish for lunch (and a What To Cook shoot), relaxed by the pool some more, drank lots of tea and a couple beers, watched the cricket and now I'm sitting up at the kitchen table planning the week(s) ahead. The fly screen is shut so we have a beautiful stormy summer breeze coming through the door and it kind of smells like the essence of summer. George is reading his book on the sofa behind me and I can't remember feeling this truly relaxed and inspired. 

So here I am sharing some of that inspiration translated from a little Pinterest marathon. That message above is making me crave an early morning beach sesh...lets see if I can persuade George in a pre-work adventure this coming Friday morning :) 

Hope you have had an absolutely amazing weekend - what's inspired you? I'll be back tomorrow with some more Byron shots. Yay!